Vision & Mission

Our Vision

As a learning centre, we dedicate all programs, services and resources to student’s success with a commitment to continuously monitor, assess and improve their performance. New and continuing progressive achievements, project plans and their impact on our staff and college resources must be positive in all coming sessions with our continuous honest efforts. Our objective is also to implement a procedure to improve access to educational programs and services by maximizing utilization of campus facilities, effective scheduling of programs, services and courses in response to students and community needs. Also, to examine factors that affect the progress and success of students enrolling in courses and identify and implement components for successful delivery of our system.

Our Mission

To be trusted is a greater compliment than being popular. We trust our staff and students to achieve our goal with dignified position and honour in society as a milestone of educational unit. We trust our own instinct to work for our educational development in Society. Our Mission for Education in our College is :- 1) To provide a challenging area of academic pursuits for teachers and students in all curricula. 2) To maintain and enhance the high quality teaching and learning environment at all level and to extrapolate the broad range of professional training. 3) To create dynamic restructuring of the programs of education in the College itself. 4) To assess and implement the College’s Comprehensive enrolment management and marketing plan.